Basmati Rice

Siva Exports – Basmati Rice Exporters:

Siva Exports is one of the leading basmati rice exporters in India. We are exporting all kind of basmati rice which has a native of different cities in India.

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We are dealing in a following varities:

1121 Basmati Rice:

  • 1121 White sella
  • 1121 Golden sella
  • 1121 Steam Rice
  • 1121 Raw Rice

Pusa Basmati Rice:

  • Pusa White sella
  • Pusa Golden sella
  • Pusa Steam Rice
  • Pusa Raw Rice

Sharbati Basmati Rice:

  • Sharbati White sella
  • Sharbati Golden sella
  • Sharbati Steam Rice
  • Sharbati Raw Rice

Sugandha Basmati Rice:

  • Sugandha White sella
  • Sugandha Golden sella
  • Sugandha Steam Rice
  • Sugandha Raw Rice

Shabnam Basmati Rice:

  • Shabnam White sella
  • Shabnam Golden sella
  • Shabnam Steam Rice
  • Shabnam Raw Rice

Parmal Basmati Rice:

  • Parmal PR106
  • Parmal IRR8
  • Parmal IRR36
  • Parmal IRR64
  • Parmal sella
  • Parmal Raw rice

PR11 Basmati Rice:

  • PR11 sella
  • PR11 Steam Rice
  • PR11 Raw Rice

Traditional Basmati Rice:

  • Traditional White sella
  • Traditional Golden sella
  • Traditional Raw Rice