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History of Siva Exports:

We are glad to introduce ourselves that we one of the leading Papad Manufacturer India since 1928.

In 1928, Mr.M.P.Veerabathiran founded Pappa Brand Appalam which was changed as Sri Meenakshi Appalam in 1960, by his son Mr.M.P.V.Chellam. Later the Proprietorship was changed to Mr.V.C.Vijayabaskaran (S/o of Mr.M.P.V.Chellam) in 1986 and registered as Siva Exports which is successfully running more than 30 years.

Papad is our Hereditary profession which is successfully running more than four generations. We are manufacturing all varities of Papads in different sizes and different ingredients. Also We are the most expert company in manufacturing Export Quality Papads which was in world class standard.

From 2002 onwards, We expand our business in Spices, Rice, Fruits & Vegetables, Pulses, Diary products, Oil and seeds, Groceries and all other food products etc. We are one of the recognised exporting houses in India who supply product across global.

Our Policy is always   “Quality 1st ; Customer 2nd.  We always gives our highly priority to the quality.



Products offered by us:

  • Papad (Appalam or Papadum)
  • Spices
  • Chips
  • Rice(Basmati & Non Basmati)Papad Manufacturer in india, Siva exports,lion brand appalam, lion appalam, sivan appalam, appalam,papad,papadum,papadam,papadom,pappad,pappadum,pappadam,pappadom, poppadom, popadom, poppadam, popadam, poppadum, popadum, appalam manufacturers, papad manufacturers, pappadam manufacturers, papadum manufacturers, papadam manufacturers, pappad manufacturers, pappadum manufacturers, poppadom manufacturers, papadom manufacturers, popadom manufacturers, poppadum manufacturers, popadum manufacturers, popadam manufacturers, poppadam manufacturers, pappadom manufacturers, appalam manufacturers in india, papad manufacturers in india, pappadam manufacturers in india, papadum manufacturers in india, papadam manufacturers in india, pappad manufacturers in india, pappadum manufacturers in india, poppadom manufacturers in india, papadom manufacturers in india, popadom manufacturers in india, poppadum manufacturers in india, popadum manufacturers in india, popadam 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  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Indian snacks & sweets
  • pickles
  • Mango pulp
  • Diary products
  • Oil & Seeds
  • All kinds of Flours
  • Wheat
  • Tamarind
  • Turmeric
  • Fried Gram
  • Asafoetida
  • Various Kinds of Indian Herbals
  • Cleaning products
  • And all other food products etc.


Siva ExportsPapad Manufacturer India

Our Export Quality papads have a better life and we gives 6 months warranty for our papads.